If possible, pump up the cata numbers to 8000 or 10,000. In Travian, you will often hear the terms "anvil" and "hammer". Found here. Home About Travian Manual; Link to Travian Manual; Links; Hammer Guide 17 03 2009. Your hero must always be fully upgraded with the offense bonus. Hammer village is going to need a Barracks, Greater Barracks, Stable, Greater Stable, Siege Workshop. A Ram Hammer’s task is to lower the walls of enemy WW villages. The axeman to over 100,000 is even better. Hammer refers to a very large attacking army which is built in a single village and whose sole purpose is to attack, break the defense and destroy the enemy. So it has more room for the buildings your hammer will need. Wave 1 5:00:00 – Clear 8000 axes | 1500 TKs | 1 Cat | 80 rams So as long as you don’t contact MH, that account will remain banned forever. Romans and Gauls are not suitable as ram hammers because their rams cost much more and have longer building times. That’s great news, because your troops not only eat FREE crop, but they also cannot be attacked in a banned village – keeping them safe from enemy raiders. They will continue to eat crop, but when crop reaches zero, they won’t die. They typically build a hammer village directly next to it if possible. How to make an awesome anvil! Assuming a lvl 20 barracks  There is no restriction to the size limit of WW Armies. Worse yet, you can’t even ask for alliance crop because if you do, spies will report that you are asking for crop, alerting them that your WW Army is on the move. If the target was west the reverse would be true. This is why I would never play offensive gaul. A Ram Hammer’s task is to lower the walls of enemy WW villages. This means village 1 needs to launch before 5. Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). Required fields are marked *, Written by REAL Top Players on the Travian Server. So only they will know you have withdrawn your hammer. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 1065 attack produced hourly useful information on travian that you need to know! You are way better of playing teuton or even roman, as EI are better raiders than TT's in every single way, being stronger, same crop, carry more, and their training time being nearly same aswell and their speed only slightly slower. As you can imagine, it takes many months to build such a large army, so time is usually the limiting factor. When you’ve trained a large army, send them to reinforce this second account. A site which present hints, tips, guides, scripts and graphic packs for Travian (online browser game). Otherwise you need to build a hero’s mansion level 1, send your hero there, then demolish the hero’s mansion. To get 150,000 attack power you need 3750 maces. Teutons have the cheapest Catapult in the game (2760, compared to the Romans' 2990 & Gauls' 3130), but they have the least attack: only 50. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Running production in all of these 24 hours a day can be expensive… this is why most players have a nearby capital, then settle a hammer followed by a few supply villages that ship in resources to keep production going. Your granary can hold only 2 hours worth of crop to feed your army, so your account has to be attended every two hours until the attack arrives. Advantages 2 2. 1 Macemen is 40 attack You cannot build a Greater Barracks or Greater Stable in your capital which is the primary reason you make your hammer village next to it, and the only reason to make these buildings is to increase production speed. You need lots of wheat to feed it. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Understanding them should let you make an informed decision. Village 5 – Feeder Maybe even for travian kingdoms Wave 6 5:00:04 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes, The combined landing would look more like this…, Wave 1 5:00:00 – Clear 8000 axes | 1500 TKs | 1 Cat | 80 rams Capital hammer in Travian is maybe the easier choice. If that statement rings true for you, then this guide may be useful. Screaming into a Pillow – Starlette’s Hammer Guide. Down the line if you ended up with excess resources you could even outfit a 3rd village, or add a few things such as rams to the 2nd and you could use it as an independent hammer on a smaller target. There is no single correct answer here, there are pros and cons to each. It clears the way for succeeding WW Hammers so they cause more damage. Village 7 – Feeder Also very important is you will need a sitter during this time. Egyptians are one of the new factions available from Fire and Sand version, along with the Huns. This is an awful lot to rely on 1 village for. Guide about heros (by Chirag) Guide about heros (by Clinton) Guide about heros (by Moaz) Guide about the best strategy for Gauls (by Mate) Guide about the best strategy for Teutons (by Mega Man X) Guide for Gauls (by Eleni) Guide for settling in the Grey Area (by Farruk) Guide for starting as Roman in T4.4 (by Simas) Guide on auctions (by Jimmy C.) Building up a large army over a lengthy period of time can be done just about anywhere, but to have a truly good hammer you need to consider a few things. This is a great way to store large numbers of troops, especially the World Wonder hammer. 1 1. 9 cropper, sometimes referred as semi-cropper. But some thoughts. In order to lift the ban, you have to contact MH. While they can be played by any player of any skill, a smart and defensive minded player will get the most out of their double capacity crannies and unique trapper build… I’ve been using this simple trick for many years now. The more catas, the better. Adept to the play style which fits you the best. Romans are one of the three tribes in Travian and they are usually the second most popular tribe (30-40% players of each server are usually Romans). Axes are more expensive, at nearly double the cost but with more attack power per axe they use less wheat to hit the same number. Biggest army ever build at Nlx speed x3 2013 by Uilskuikens. Choose only trusted members, so you can be sure they do not disclose that you are a WW Hammer builder, or the location of your village. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In a capital Hammer: 12970 axe 5258 TKs and 2162 Cats. And I got his permission to republish it in here. Therefore, fully upgrade it in the blacksmith, including rams and catas. Wave 2 5:00:01 – Cat waves 40 cats, 50 axes The construction cost of a Great Barracks/Great Stables costs three times more than a normal barracks/stables. Beyond that… if you do not use gold you might consider a 5 clay, as cats cost more clay than anything else and they are the most expensive of the units. You will need some kind of preparation in order to feed such an army. This may be a difficult time, but when you see the enemy’s Great Warehouse reduced by your army, you’ll feel that it was all worth it. You need to have your hammer village outfitted to recreate your hammer as fast as possible. However for efficiency you need to look at wheat cost. Guide untuk Server Speed (belum pernah coba di server normal) dan merupakan Offensif player. 1 Axeman is 60 attack. Decent guide, a couple of common mistakes…. Let them feed your troops while you train more. Continue to send troops away and spread them out to different villages in order to reduce the risk of losing a huge chunk of your army to a surprise attack. Also, I realize in my examples I have ignored cavalry. GW: great warehouse Gz/Grz: Congratulations. While you can train troops twice as fast, but there are some disadvantages to using a GS/GB. This tactic is only slightly more advanced than a normal attack because you need to coordinate land times for 2 villages. Wave 2 5:00:02 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes Do not ask for alliance crop. Remember that villages merely represent infrastructure, and our primary goal is to grow our military. Building a hammer: After you have finished the general build plan, rush the barracks up to level 10 and start building your tribe’s infantry unit from it, making sure its kept going 24/7. A common question regarding a WW Hammer is how can you possibly feed a 150k or 200k crop eating army? Depending on how large you want your WW army to be, somewhere around the eighth month, start to build your WW Army in your capital. If you are only producing your hammer for 6 months, then your army from a capital will be maxed at (77820axe +31548 TKs). For little is known about their pros and cons, it is difficult to analyse them deeply. I recommend that you build your World Wonder hammer in your capital. Romans may have more imperians and lesser Equites Caesaris. Guide(s) A manual for a specific aspect of travian. We push Rally Point to 20 By month eleven to twelve, you will need to use your WW Army. Age of Empires is a much better game than Sim City. Your capital can not be captured, so you don't have to be afraid of your hammer vanishing without a fight. For little is known about their pros and cons, it is difficult to analyse them deeply. If your troop storage information leaks to a spy, the location of your WW Hammer village will also be revealed. Gauls are actually the least well represented tribe in Travian. If you plan on following this guide set your resource bonus to Crop Only, you will go into negatives if you don't do this. You need to send your troops to other player’s villages for storage. Disadvantages 3 3. Granary capacity was 400k, warehouse 480k. This guide is going to focus on offensive production, I will draft an attacker guide later that will cover detail I will skip here. Wave 11 5:00:04 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes. This guide seems to really ignore RAMS in attacks. If that statement rings true for you, then this guide may be useful. How to Land Multiple Attacks at the Same Second. For little is known about their pros and cons, it is difficult to analyse them deeply. @Shapezor7 impressive hammer than. The plus side is you can recover much faster from loss and be back before they expect it. A Ram Hammer should always be a Teuton. Change ). For this reason most people make a 15c their capital and push the fields beyond 10. Looking back at the information above lets look for the bottlenecks and find solutions to fix them. It is very difficult to defend a non-capital WW Hammer village. Its the priority for production. Hopefully, by reading my ‘‘guide”, you now have gained some insight to the whole hammer building aspect of Travian and in particular WW hammers. If you send at least 20 cats you can pick 2 targets. Hammer is a fan-created word which is very commonly used by Travian players on forum, in-game messages, chat, etc. All catapults move at the same speed, 3/hour. Capitals and hammer villages are prime targets for your enemies. A metric shit-ton is equivalent to around 25,000 for those who lack math skills, or are British. Build high level granaries, at least 240k capacity in each village. Looking for a recent Ghost Hammer guide When I google Ghost Hammer there is a post from 2009, so I was wondering if there were more guides that go more in depth. Additionally, ask trusted alliance members to send you crop. Travian Manual. Anvils have the advantage of being able to make units from multiple villages. Push Tourney Square up to match the level of the one in your hammer village (Keep them close to even). Having a large warehouse helps too because you can NPC resources to crop. If wheat is at a premium and you plan to grow your army for the long term you might go axes. Cat Trumpet Recommended for you For example, the defence on ukx servers is … Disadvantages 3 3. 20ish min per cat means around 75 per 24 hours, not to mention recreation of the clear, escort troops etc. I was fortunate enough to have another 15c by my capital… It forces me to convert with gold but I also wont build a sawmill, etc for 1 field. Using the Great Barracks and Great Stables. They have to be as big and as many as possible. All it takes is constant fakes for about a week, before the real attacks arrive to clean and conquer. A 1:4 ratio would be a good balance. if they have a mostly praetorians it is better to have more calvaries. Remember the key is you need to send them before the account is banned, because once its banned, you can’t send any troops there. It clears the way for succeeding WW Hammers so they cause more damage. How do you know if it is the best ratio possible? You can ask for crop from players who have kept your troops while you were building your WW Army. if they have a mostly spearmans it is better to have a lot of infantries. The bigger, the better. Due to the limited crop support, there will be plenty of times when crop is not arriving. My advice is to start no later than month eight. Come play with me to learn how to raid like top robber and grow biggest army in server (Roman army raiding + training 24/7 the with 150% 15C secured ). Your hammer village must create cats, rams, infantry to clear with, escort troops for the cats. I have always made hammer with GB/GS. Advantages 2 2. my friends ww hammer 30k wheat on travainx broke through the defences on travainx and he had a 50k what on usx and he broke through. If you do not have enough experience, send him to your WW village to gain experience. Wave 1 5:00:01 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes Huns are one of the two new factions available from Fire and Sand version in Travian, along with the Egyptians. Sorry to be a nag, but I want to quash all doubts that there is no such a thing as too big. Yet, you can’t produce in all villages as an anvil would because the attacks cannot be combined, BUT…. Lets say village 1 is a bit west of village 5 and the attack target is east of both. The type of village you use for your hammer really does not matter much. 1 Axeman creates in 3:23 or 203 seconds, 29.5 maces per hour Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Make sure its quite far, at least 20 hours away by cata speed. Village 3 – Feeder When you have your hammer in … It’s a catch 22) This is an awful lot to rely on 1 … A non-cap hammer will definitely be easier to feed with level 12 fields, easier to defend with the moat (but no mason, so still not too hard to cripple),and harder to conquer with 200 loyalty. 1 1. To build your WW Army from your capital, you need about three to four months of build time. In your capital you push fields up, take wheat oases, make granaries and a Flour Mill and Bakery obviously. 3) You will lose your hammer. (If you read my cat defense guide you will know that a small escort could be an easy way to lose your cats, yet making the escort larger takes units from your clear wave. The leveling up of croplands is slightly different from other resource fields because when your cropland reaches L5, you get access to the Grain Mill. Whenever you need to offload a large chunk of army, just rinse and repeat the procedure with another account. The cats split themselves up so its only 10 per target but…. They take a 15c that has good wheat oases around it to increase wheat production even more. Spend all experience points on offense bonus. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. If his biggest village (with the most population) is 4-4-4-6 (normal village), so he make WW Hammer from a normal village. Every alliance needs to have several ram hammers. It’s only a matter of time and it happens to the best of us. Artefact defence The defence in each artefact village is calculated in relation to the Top100 armies on the server so defence reports can only be used as a rough guide. This is an aggressive guide but I have to suggest crannying up, my guide hinges on being able to raid while offering absolutely nothing for raiders except casualties and a waste of their time. Gauls: Things You Should Know. It needs to be used – Do not be afraid to get it broken, but be smart with it and it wont be often destroyed. Also it goes without saying, your WW Army is an offense army. I wouldn't call that a guide. Unfortunately this trick was discovered by MH when I had published it in my newsletter. Let them know that they should send your troops back if they come under attack. So your catas and rams will still churn along at normal speed. So while you can use the GS/GB to build a WW hammer, but I don’t recommend it. Be careful where you park your troops. By now you should have over 30 villages. Wave 10 5:00:04 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes There are two types of WW armies. The ability of lots of marksman to turn a hammer into an anvil could be real useful at times. It is a one shot army, meaning once it is sent to attack an enemy WW village, it will never come back. Something else to be considered is production time. By c0unse1 (Note: The Strategy Guide originally was written in travianchampions website.) I would hope that most of you by now are You can withdraw them anytime from your rally point. The benefit to the above is that the 1st village can concentrate on the clear wave and not lose so much to the escort, and the 2nd village can push larger escorts which helps defeat someone reining between waves (Read my cat defense guide) Also, we clustered 11 attacks in this example into a 5 second window. Maces cost an additional 1250 wheat every hour to maintain the same attack power using that example. Any troops trained from a GS/GB also costs three times more. Additionally, a GS/GB cannot be built in your capital. Every alliance needs as many WW Hammers as they can get. Maybe even for travian … I have read the whole guide and liked it too. Put this all together with automated trade routes and triple merchant runs it gets to be clear that non cap hammers should become more attractive in Travian Kingdoms. Wave 4 5:00:03 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes Teutons get a lot of attention for their fast, powerful armies and Romans get praised for their strong infrastructure and powerful late game hammers, but the truth is that the Gauls are extremely powerful in mid and late-game and have some of the best tools for surviving until that point. There are a lot of methods to use which is also the reason I haven't made it in a step-by-step style. *NOTE* If you read my anvil guide extra resources should be used in these feeders to increase defensive infrastructure, including barracks/stables to 20 in case you need to revert to defense. Village 2 – Hammer (1 square from capital) Let me walk you through how I might do an attack. Wave 3 5:00:02 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes ( Log Out /  The key lies in your support villages. If you need more parking space, speak to your alliance leader. While your troops are enroute, get that account banned. 1 1. The biggest hammer in this made by 'DRULZ' account is the only hammer ever on international classic server to have gone past 400k. Its role is to deliver the actual structural damage to the World Wonder village. A WW Hammer attacks after the Ram Hammers. And I constantly steal over 100,000 crop per hour by storing them in several banned accounts. This means that if you have to choose.. keep your barracks going over your stables. One of my subscribers took that tip and reported it to MH. Or, you could even start out with maces for awhile and as they begin to die out and your resources become more abundant replace them with axes. It clears the way for succeeding WW Hammers so they cause more damage. Cancel Unsubscribe. You will need a lot of time to build a large WW Army. It will remain 1/3 higher wheat cost for the same attack power. My resource production is at this time well over what I need to support a hammer village. This allows for the fastest transport time for wheat. To get 150,000 attack power you need 2500 axes. As troops are trained, send them off to other player’s village for storage. This opportunity is perfect for you if you're an ex-travian player tired of the soul-sucking grind that this game tends to be at times. http://travian-reports.net/nl/report/75702adeea2 Server was at day 146. There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded 1 Maceman creates in 2:02 or 122 seconds They are very balanced and are strong in both attack and defense. Thanks to c0unse1. They understand that as a WW Hammer builder, you will need support. The WW army will do as much damage as possible, and also die in the process. Wave 9 5:00:03 – Cat waves 40 cats, 50 axes Yet, if you have the resources for the highest attack per hour all buildings should be producing. Wave 5 5:00:04 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. Wave 3 5:00:01 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes A Ram Hammer and WW Hammer. We won't spam you. You need to figure out what types of troops will make up your hammer. Now, this means Village 1 and Village 5 are operating as hammers. A decent WW Ram Hammer should have the following: Again, this is only a guideline. This is a trick or flaw in Travian that you can exploit. Its not only cheaper, but also much safer because your capital cannot be conquered, has a much higher crop production and is more difficult to destroy due to the stonemason. (If you read my cat defense guide you will know that a small escort could be an easy way to lose your cats, yet making the escort larger takes units from your clear wave. If they catch you doing this, they will deliberately unban the account without notice so your troops will starve. In this month's guide, we're going to give you a overview of the troops, their advantages and disadvantages, and even some helpful advice! I have to say something. What do you think? Wave 1 5:00:00 – Clear 8000 axes | 1500 TKs | 1 Cat | 80 rams, Wave 2 5:00:01 – Cat waves 40 cats, 50 axes, Wave 3 5:00:01 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes, Wave 5 5:00:02 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes, Wave 7 5:00:03 – Cat waves 40 cats, 50 axes, Wave 8 5:00:03 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes, Wave 9 5:00:03 – Cat waves 40 cats, 50 axes, Wave 10 5:00:04 – Cat waves 40 cats, 750 axes, Evil Jakes Capital Development Walkthrough, Evil Jakes Capital Development Walkthrough. Egyptian capital hammer is bad. Designate between four to six villages, which are closest as WW support. ( Log Out /  Lets say your hammer hit someone, and you lost everything. If that statement rings true for you, then this guide may be useful. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Troops are used for defence and attack as well as carrying loot. Your email address will not be published. I would suggest (this requires levelling your hero, so add the points as you level) putting two levels worth of points (8 total) into resources on a speed server and doing about 4 … If the enemy discovers you are building a WW Army in a non-capital, they will no doubt try to conquer your village in order to eliminate your army. The Hammer is typically created in a single city to store one metric shit-ton of troops. Usually the target is the Great Warehouse because that provides maximum mileage in terms of build time. The barracks, stables and workshop must run non-stop – probably queued for up to seven to ten days. So the only way to have a lot of troops is with the GB and GS. When your troops arrive, you’ve just got yourself free crop until the end of the server. A World Wonder Army is a super large army built for only one purpose – to cata the World Wonder village of enemy alliances. Troops 4 4. I have never been. As a result, MH is now aware (as of August 20th 2009) and has been vigilant about this practice. (Romans do 75 attack) (Gaulsdo 70 attack). There are two types of WW armies. A more comprehensive guide by Fhuaran can be found here. In T4, Gaulic rams are the cheapest, and base construction time is only 10 minutes longer than Teutons. During these breaks in crop arrival, use your WW support village to send crop. I have been a While that account is banned, troops in it will not starve. 2)Of course you can fallow a guide which tells you to build X troops and farm grey, but it won't change the fact that you don;t understand the game mechanics. Also, I rounded some decimal places so the figures are not exact, but pretty close. Be cautious if you still use this exploit. It’s a catch 22). Also if you go and make your villages for example in 200/200, nobody can conquer your village ;). If that statement rings true for you, then this guide may be useful. Macemen cost 250 resources per. Your set back quite a while in cat production alone. the brewery makes it just that much stronger, making sure the same amount of troops make more damage for the same or less wheat. When I google Ghost Hammer there is a post from 2009, so I was wondering if there were more guides that go more in depth. With that being said, here’s the configuration of my capital :- Village Type. While it should not be thrown away on a whim, its also a tool of destruction and if sits idle because your scared of it getting broken then its useless anyways.

travian hammer guide

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