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16 Countries that Could Succeed China as Manufacturing Hubs

Chinese workers have begun to enjoy higher wages as industry matures, which has taken some of the shine off outsourcing to China. Other low-wage countries that have an infrastructure and adequately orderly system are becoming attractive to entrepreneurs seeking low-cost alternatives […]

Nearshoring may overtake homeshoring in the manufacturing supply chain

For several decades there has been a grand exodus of manufacturing from the traditional European and American bases to lower cost countries, especially China. As the Chinese labor market has begun to mature workers are beginning to demand higher wages and a number of companies have undertaken “homeshoring” or “reshoring” of their manufacturing, bringing production back stateside. However, a new phenomenon is beginning to be felt – nearshoring, or moving final production closer to the end market. […]

Homeshoring regaining attractiveness for manufacturers

While “offshoring” has been the word common to manufacturing for some decades, changes in the economic environment are making “homeshoring” more and more attractive, with a number of manufacturers actively moving their offshore operations back to the home turf.

“Total Cost of Ownership” (TOC), a new holistic view of manufacturing, takes into account costs of […]

Aluminum use in vehicle production set to rise considerably

Seeking to safely and cost-effectively reduce vehicle weight, a recent survey of North American automakers by Ducker Worldwide has found that they are accelerating the move to using aluminum in place of other materials for construction of cars and light tricks. With lighter vehicles getting better fuel economy with less emissions, aluminum already dominates for […]

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