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Reshoring: 6 Ways to Overcome Shortages of Skilled Workers

When manufacturers reshore operations from overseas to the home base, they frequently have a hard time filling skilled positions. Innovative solutions are needed to overcome skills shortages. […]

8 practical ways to use 3D printing

There are many practical ways to use 3D printing, also known as “additive” manufacturing. Here are several of them. […]

Manufacturing Jobs: How to Turn America’s Job Prospects Around Through Reshoring

What does a manufacturer do when it’s struggling with excessive costs? One of the most common reactions in recent years has been to pack up and move to another country or continent where it can bring its costs of production down. And this is just what’s happening to a number of factories, except these are Asian plants moving production to the United States. […]

Research & Development Tax Credit: an often overlooked bonus

Manufacturers frequently overlook one of the most lucrative tax advantages out there – the Research & Development Tax Credit. Available in many countries, this is intended to promote innovation and growth. In some countries, it is the largest handout of tax credits by national governments, and yet very few small and medium enterprises take advantage […]

Companies need to be aware of external opportunities and threats facing them

I started this blog to help manufacturers keep an eye on the external factors affecting their business.

SWOT analysis

Every business needs to conduct an ongoing “SWOT” analysis – a review of its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Strengths and Weaknesses – Internal factors

The first two – Strengths and Weaknesses – are internal factors […]

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